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Horse Deworming


HORSE OWNERS...time to think about your fall deworming after last nights hard frost. First remove the bot eggs from your horses hair, then watch for a week to see if new bot eggs appear. If you do not notice any new bot eggs you are ready for deworming. We recommend a combination product this time of year (ivermectin or moxidectin + praziquantel). We recommend a name brand product as we sometimes wonder if the generics are working properly. Quest Plus or Zimectrin Gold are two names that come to mind. These combination products will kill all species that infect horses (provided resistance is not an issue). If you are wondering about resistance, wait 2-3 weeks after deworming and then bring a fresh individual fecal sample for each horse to the clinic. The sample should be collected fresh and then refrigerated until brought to the clinic. We will analyze the sample and call you with the results. Most horses should not need to be dewormed again until May/June at the earliest if they are adults animals and resistance is not occuring at your farm. Every farm is different based on the number of animals per acre, but a majority of horses are getting dewormed to often increasing the risk of developing resistance to our dewormers.


Digital x-ray!


As part of our continued commitment to our patients care, we now have a digital x-ray system. This will help enhance our diagnostic capabilities and provide the best care possible for our patients. We can take x-rays in the field with this system, as well, so large and small we can x-ray them all!


Reminders via email!


Check out Pet Portals! Our new service with Pet Portals is working well. This allows us to email vaccination reminders to you! Additionally with an email address on file we can send you blood results, Coggin's forms, lab reports, and in the future digital radiographs. For some of our doctors and staff this is an effective way of communicating about your pet. We will not be sharing your email with anyone else (we hate spam just as much as you!). If you are interested in this service, please call BVMC and our staff will be happy to put your email address in your digital file.


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