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The Brodhead Veterinary Medical Center has emergency care available for our clients.

Companion animals

Orthopedics – We offer diagnosis and repair of many orthopedic problems: Fractures, Cruciate Ligament Rupture, Femoral Head Ostectomies, and Patellar Luxation Repair

Veterinary Spinal Manipulation therapy (VSMT)- Veterinary spinal manipulation therapy is similar to chiropractics in humans and can help with many conditions especially back pain and neurologic problems. 

Message and Rehabilitation Therapy: This service helps us provide rehab for our orthopedic cases, but also can treat conditions like arthritis, chronic pain, and neurologic conditions that cause decreased mobility. 

Ultrasound - Is she pregnant? Is there something in his bladder? We can help! We can ultrasound for pregnancy after 25 days from breeding and can assess bladder tumors and polycystic kidney diseases as well.

Digital Radiology - OFA X-RAY- Hip dysplasia is unfortunately common in large breed companion dogs. OFA screening is a great test to use prior to considering breeding your dog to help reduce the frequency of this disease.

Dentistry with Digital Radiology - Regular dental care can help keep your pet healthy longer and his breath fresher!

Micro-Chipping - We recommend AVID chips as a way to help reunite you with your pet should he or she get lost. The microchip identification system is used nationwide and most if not all humane societies and animal control facilites have a scanner on hand to check for a chip!

Referral Specialties - We offer referral for specialized cases to clinics in Madison and Rockford if needed.  We can also have surgical and ultrasonic veterinary specialists come to our clinic.

Full in Clinic Laboratory - Our in-house labratory allows us to make well informed decisions on your pets health rapidly. Includes chemistry, complete blood count, electrolytes, thyroid testing, urinalysis, fecal exams, FeLV/FIV, parvo, heartworm, lyme, erlichia canis, and anaplasmosis!

Licensed/Certified Technicians - Come meet our certified technicians! They are great at answering questions, running the laboratory, and assisting in surgery!

Boarding- Indoor Runs, Outdoor Runs, Separate Dog & Cat Facilities

Cremation - We offer both private cremations and crematory disposal. We realize this is a difficult decision during an even more difficult time. If we can be of any service during this emotional time, know that we are only a phone call away.

Laser Surgery - Our laser surgery unit reduces bleeding and pain during surgery.

Therapeutic Laser - Our class IV laser helps decrease inflammation and pain. It can also decrease healing time.

TTA Surgery- Surgical procedure to help dogs that have torn a cruciate ligament.



Avian Genetic Sexing - We offer genetic sexing of companion birds through Avian Biotech. We can use either a blood sample or a few freshly plucked feathers.

Therapeutic Laser - Our class IV laser helps decrease inflammation and pain. It can also decrease healing time.



Reproductive Services - Our doctors are proficient in manual palpation and ultrasonography. We can develop a specific breeding program to maximize your herds pregnancy rate.

Custom Designed Herd Health Programs - Vaccination, deworming, Brucellosis vaccinating, fertility exams, nutrition, mastitis control, etc. We will work with your needs to develop a specific strategy to maximize your herds potential!

Nutrition Consultation - Dr. Phil Frost enjoys nutrition work and developing herd rations.

Haul-In Facilities - BRING YOUR CATTLE TO US AND SAVE A FARM CALL FEE! Our haul-in facility offers safe and efficient handling of cattle for examinations, castrations, dehorning, vaccinating, implanting, and deworming.

Digital Scale - Our digital scale offers accurate weights from 10 to 2000 pounds. The scale allows for accurate dosage for antibiotics and deworming.

Therapeutic Laser - Our class IV laser helps decrease inflammation and pain. It can also decrease healing time.



Reproductive Services – Can she be bred? Is she cycling yet? Is she pregnant? Does she have twins? Is it a boy or a girl? Our doctors can answer these questions for you! The ultrasound machine is anxiously waiting for the next mare. 
Artificial Insemination - Our doctors will follow your mare's cycle via ultrasound to determine when semen should be ordered and will return when the semen arrives to inseminate your mare. 
Ultrasound - Think you have a torn/bowed tendon? Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!? Better call BVMC instead! 
Wellness Program - Deworming schedule, vaccination schedule, pasture use, geriatric concerns, and diet questions are just a few areas BVMC can work with you and your herd. 
Haul-In Facilities - SAVE THE COST OF A FARM CALL...BRING YOUR HORSE TO BVMC! Our equine stocks keeps you, your horse, and our doctors safe during examination, dental floating, ultrasounding, and collecting blood. We also have space to perform lameness evaluations. 
Dentistry/Floating - Dentistry is a rapid growing field in equine medicine and our doctors continue to increase their knowledge to optimize your horse's teeth for eating and performance. 
Portable Radiology -  Has your horse foundered? Do you wonder if your horse has arthritis? Our new portable radiograph machine is just waiting to take radiographs of your horse! 
Lameness Exams - Our doctor's will work with you to determine where your horse is lame and what is the best treatment option. Lameness diagnostics include nerve blocks, joint blocks, radiographs, and ultrasonography. 
Therapeutic Laser - Our class IV laser helps decrease inflammation and pain. It can also decrease healing time. 

The Brodhead Veterinary Medical Center has emergency care available for our clients.